Four important Back to institution priorities that have nothing to finish with buying


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Four important Back to institution priorities That have nothing to finish with Shopping.


James L. Casale, Ph.D.

“First things first”~Stephen Covey

The stores are mobbed as well as the sales are in full swing. The youngsters are hanging off the buying carts, “Mom, I requirement this!”School supplies are rocketing off store shelves into buying carts as well as ultimately will land on the planet, School, in August or September. Newspapers are laden with ads for institution supplies as well as TV commercials for institution stuff dominate the commercials.

Gee, am I that ancient? I don’t keep in mind my mother taking me to the store for supplies or even asking me what I needed. In those ancient times, all I needed was a pencil as well as some paper. as well as I believe the instructor provided them to me. exactly how did I get with institution without a highlighter, a backpack, or a long-term marker?

Now, the large range of needed supplies includes so much much more than pencils as well as paper as well as notebooks. Retractable highlighters, twistable crayons, clip boards, dry erase boards, shiny folders with graphics, three sound binders, pocket folders, back packs with wheels, thumb drives(what are those?) as well as much more, now comprise the grocery listing of products that are the “must haves”.

Hey-you elementary youngsters -don’t fail to remember to bring in your box of tissues. At the last institution I taught in, the trainees in the fifth grade had to bring both tissues as well as zip lock bags. I’m not sure why. There was lots of sneezing however I never utilized the zip lock bags. perhaps the utilized tissues were expected to go into the bags. nobody told me. 

 I am not even going to mention buying new clothes, the most recent footwear, or newer as well as improved electronic hardware. Ouch!  Where’s my credit rating card?Is there a researched based connection between institution supplies as well as institution performance? will Sarah as well as Jimmy experience from brain freeze if they don’t possess retractable markers of every color? Are parents costs much more time at the store as well as online rather than focusing on what ought to be their top priority; converting their house into a discovering palace?

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One caveat to be noted throughout this essay is that no special skills are needed to achieve your goals. What will be needed- in generous supply -are difficult love, patience, courage, civility, precise information, commitment, stamina, perseverance, as well as typical sense. 


Number One Priority: A household objective Statement

Create a objective statement based on what your hopes, dreams, as well as expectations are for your kid as well as your family. A concise objective statement offers focus, direction, as well as represents a guide for the habits of the entire family.

For example; “Our household objective is to produce an atmosphere in our house that will support the physical, emotional, as well as academic growth as well as advancement of all household members.

Our house will be characterized by: love, respect, kindness, responsibility, difficult work, selflessness as well as perseverance.”  (KISS- keep it short as well as simple) compose it on a poster board, hang it up as well as refer to it often. customize when needed.

Discuss your objective statement with the entire household as well as request input from all members. It may assist if your pet likewise nods in agreement. While consensus is desired, it is not mandatory. At times-in your home hold- autocracy is much better than democracy. When in doubt, parents have the final say. somebody has to be in fee as well as it assists if it’s the adults.

 Number two Priority-You should have a Plan

A objective statement without a plan of action is like one of those birthday balloons: It looks good for a while, however eventually, it loses its air as well as usefulness.  A particular plan of action should be devised to fit the objective statement if you expect to be successful. The complying with list, though not extensive will get you started:

Fill your home with great books as well as all way of fascinating reading materials. (electronic gadgets for reading aपुन: स्वीकार्य)

दिनचर्याहरू आवश्यक छ। अरू सबै चीजहरूको वरपर, नियमित शान्त समयहरू होमवर्कका साथै पढाइ; कुनै टिभी वा घर मनोरन्जन इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स छैन। घर पढ्ने समय बच्चाहरूलाई स्पष्ट सन्देश हो जुन पढ्नको लागि शीर्ष चिन्ताको विषय हो किनकि सम्पूर्ण परिवारले कम्तिमा प्रत्येक संस्थाको प्रत्येक संस्थाको रूपमा पालन गर्दछ। घरेलु खानाहरू महत्त्वपूर्ण छन् किनथाको लागि बेड टाइम्सको रूपमा साथै बिहानको दिनचर्या।

मोडेल अपेक्षित व्यवहार, डिजाइन अपेक्षित व्यवहार

सम्बन्धित सप्ताहन्त प्रतिबिम्ब

नम्बर तीन चिन्ता – स्कूलको बारेमा घरेलु बैठक

हरेक दिन स्कूल, शिक्षाको साथसाथै संस्थाको साथसाथै समय लिनुहोस्। एक समय छनौट गर्नुहोस् र सुविधाजनक, शान्त स्थानको साथ साथै नाटकमा अभाव। यो सहि समान स्थानमा वा सटीक एकै समयमा हुनु हुँदैन। यसलाई छोटो राख्नुहोस् वा प्रवाह छनौट गर्नुहोस्। कुनै पनि अवरोध बिना कसैसँग चुपचाप कुरा गर्न मनपर्दो स्थान कार मा छ। यद्यपि लगातार रहनुहोस्।

“आज संस्था कस्तो थियो?”

“ठिक छ”

“तपाईंले के गर्नुभयो?”

“केहि पनि छैन”

“के तपाईंले केहि पनि थाहा पाउनुभयो?”


के यो आवाज परिचित छ? हामी सबै त्यहाँ छौं। जब यो कुराकानी हुन्छ (म सुझाव दिन्छु कि तपाईं यसलाई पूर्ण रूपमा रोक्नुहुन्छ) तुरुन्तै योजना बनाउन अगाडि बढ्नुहोस्। उनले आत्मसमर्पण नगरेसम्म अनुसन्धान गर्नुहोस्, सु ang ्गल, कोष, खेले, वा अवलोकन गरे। प्रशिक्षकहरूको साथ साथै साथीहरूको बारेमा सोध्नुहोस्। रचनात्मक पाउनुहोस्।

अक्सर, छलफलको लागि अति उत्तम सुरू बिन्दुहरू मध्ये एक तपाईंको बच्चाले घर ल्याउँदछ। प्रश्नहरू, स्पष्टीकरण स्पष्टीकरण, साथै अनुरोध स्पष्टीकरणहरू सोध्नुहोस्। सकारात्मक, नागरिक रहनुहोस्, साथै शान्त रहनुहोस्। थप रूपमा, तपाईंको बच्चाको नियमित रूपमा बुझ्नुहोस् साथै कुराकानीलाई उत्तेजित गर्न प्रयोग गर्नुहोस्। आज तपाईंले पेपमा के गर्नुभयो? तपाईंले आफ्नो कम्प्युटर कक्षामा के प्रदर्शन गर्नुभयो? तपाईंले बाँकी के गर्नुभयो?

संख्या संख्या दुई प्राथमिकता – शिक्षकहरूको साथ नियमित आधारमा संचार गर्नुहोस्

स्कूलको पहिलो दिनमा, बचावर्गमा शुरू भएको, संस्थाको कामको नतिजा अपेक्षा राख्नुहोस्। केहि अवस्थाहरूमा, जस्तै मुख्य ग्रेड K-2 मा, तपाईं आफ्नो बच्चाको कामको दैनिक दैनिक उदाहरणहरू प्राप्त गर्न सक्नुहुनेछ। नियमित ग्रेडहरूमा नियमित हुन सक्छ तर तल्लो रेखा आमा बुबा आवश्यक छ यो जानकारी आवश्यक छ। साथै उनीहरूले यो पाइँदै गरेको भए उनीहरू जिद्दी गर्नुपर्दछ। शिक्षकको साथ सम्पर्कमा रहनुहोस्। यो एक महत्त्वपूर्ण तत्व हो जसले अभिभावकलाई प्रगतिको बारेमा जानकारी दिन्छ।

ब्याक-टु-स्कूल चिन्ताको लागि सम्बन्धित दिमाग

अन्तरिम रिपोर्ट वा रिपोर्ट कार्डहरूमा कहिल्यै पर्खनुहोस्। कहिले पनि सन्तुष्ट हुनुभएमा समाप्त भए पनि यदि तपाईंले बुझ्नुभयो भने कि तपाईंको बच्चा राम्रो गर्दैछ। प्रश्न, प्रश्नको दर्शन, वा स्पष्टीकरणको साथ प्रशिक्षक वा संस्था अधिकारीहरूसँग सम्पर्कमा रहन नहिचकिचाउनुहोस्। फेरि, नागरिकता नियमहरू। सकारात्मक साथै शान्त रहनुहोस्। सहकार्य साथै साझेदारी तपाईंको उत्कृष्ट चासोमा छन्। जे होस् तपाईंको दायित्वका साथै प्रतिबद्धता ट्रम्प सबै: लगनशील हुनुहोस्।

“ज्ञान शक्ति र प्रभाव हो; सक्रिय बृद्धिलाई बढावा ”

-Jamens l. क्यासल


यस छोटो छोटो लेखले अभिभावकहरूको रक्षा गर्न चाहेको प्राथमिकताहरूको परिचय नै प्राथमिकताहरू हो जुन उनीहरूसँग संस्था र जीवन मा सफल हुन चाहन्छ भने। तपाईंको अपेक्षाका साथ साथै तपाईंको घर पत्ता लगाउने किल्लामा फर्कने योजनाको रूपमा सुरू गर्नुहोस्। यसलाई महान पुस्तकहरू र पढ्ने सामग्री र पढाइको साथसाथै संस्थाको साथसाथै रोजगारका साथै अपोइन्टेन्सका साथै अपेक्षाहरू। उत्तराधिकारहरू वा अन्य संस्थापक अधिकारीहरूमा पूर्ण रूपमा निर्भर नगर्नुहोस्। सक्रिय हुनुहोस्।

“हातको लागि जुन पालना चट्टानहरू हात हो जुन विश्व दिशानिर्देशहरू हो”

– विलियम रस हट

लेखक-डाको बारेमा। कासल पनि एक निर्दिष्ट र राष्ट्रिय पुरस्कार विजयी शिक्षक को साथ साथै स्मार्ट अप को लेखक को साथ साथै समाधान हुन; ठ्याक्कै संस्कृति पत्ता लगाउन र बच्चालाई स्कूलमा एक सफलता प्रदान गर्ने साथै तपाईंको बच्चालाई स्कूल स्टोरहरू, अमेजनन साथै आफ्नो साइट मा प्रस्तुत गरिएको छ।

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